Escape room

Different countries, one team

Distance cannot destroy your team spirit anymore

Simple joys like hugging a friend or holding hands in a cafe feel so much more intense now that the condition forbids us from doing it. The Pandemic has caused a lot of tension across the globe and the speed at which things were progressing has definitely taken a halt. However, the human nature to adapt and improvise to make life possible at all times has witnessed hundreds of businesses mending ways to make their services accessible even during the trying times. With ‘Work from Home’ and other options, brands are still actively selling in the market and life seems to be back at progressing, slow yet functionally.

Fun at a Remote Escape Room

One team, One room, Different locations

The change in the methods of life and the lack of human connection has also brought down the spirits of people who are having a hard time staying motivated during the Corona situation. Employees of several organizations are constantly looking for activities to help keep their team spirit up and strong in order to deliver quality work. One of the most popular options being picked to do is Remote Escape Room, an online team game that needs the work of every individual in the team to engage and complete tasks in order to win it. While most games require your physical presence, online Escape Rooms make team building a lot easier by allowing people to play from the comfort of their homes with a virtual player option.

Considered the best Escape Game currently available, the attention to details by the designers is what makes the game all the more appealing to its players.   Extending up to one hour, the online game is designed in such a way that it demands the participation and contribution of every single player in the team, enhancing the communication skills, responses of empathy, confidence, optimism, problem solving, risk taking abilities and most importantly the willingness to let loose and have fun with your teammates!

Benefits of online escape games

The benefits of the online escape game involve discovering one’s strengths and weaknesses while also recognizing and appreciating the skills of one’s teammates. The enhancement in motivation and joy of achievement increases the efficiency of the work force, thus allowing a better work environment for the team. This has a proven effect on the quality of their work and is hence building up to become a popular favourite among many.

The winning point, however is how people located in different countries are able to participate in the Escape Game without any hassle, showing that connections can happen even during the brink of a deadly Pandemic. The strength of human spirit is rising with such well-designed activities and the easy access is keeping its players on its toes (virtually)! The very core idea of Escape Rooms is to nurture and develop people skills and their relations. Thus the model of this game has constantly brought in new ways to adapt problem-solving skills that is the root of all people functions.

Escape Rooms emphasizes on this all the time! Don’t let anything come in the way of you and your team. A dream team is one that learns, empathizes and comes together to escape problems while having each others’ back! The Pandemic isn’t a problem big enough to break this team spirit. Don’t sit by and watch the virus break your bond with the home team. Show the virus the strength of the team instead! Pick up your gadgets and call your homies now! With the entire planet using the break to do damage control, you could use this time to nurture your skills and your team work abilities. So is your team ready to beat the heat in the comfort of their seats?

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Why You Should Try Gamification In Recruitment
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Escape Rooms: Working with Ambiguity
Escape Rooms: Working with Ambiguity
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