Escape room

5 things you didn’t think of before the game

There are a few simple things we ask you to do to have fun in the escape room. Let's get over this quickly!


There are a few simple things we ask you to do to have fun in the escape room.

Let's get over this quickly!


1.) Do not destroy the equipment


Okay, that is an adventure, a memory, and many others. On the other hand, we want the players who follow you to enjoy it the same way as you. So please do them the favor of leaving even the smallest stuff inside the escape room.


2.) It will not work if you are drunk


Like it or not but alcohol does not stimulate brain functions. Moreover, you will need that during the escape game. However if the idea of ​​playing in an escape room comes after the first drink, that is totally okay. However, after the next glass is no longer worth it. We have all seen friends who have become stronger, or more beautiful when drunk, but nobody becomes smarter. And brain work will be needed here.


3.) Forget your phone


We know that your phone knows everything and can be very useful, but the half or 1 hour you spend in the escape room is worth enjoying without it. Maybe it has been a long time since you have put together 3-digit numbers in your head, but you can do that without a phone. The other reason why it is worth forgetting your phone for this short time is that there are many light effects that can be noticed easier when the phones do have lights on.


4.) What cannot be disassembled, you should not

Sometimes it is tempting to look for alternative ways and solutions to get out. There are many ways to solve the tasks. However, several items in the room are not be needed to the game. These are clearly marked. Among other things, the door for example that could be used to shorten the way out, but you are better than that :)


5.) Ask for help - but only if you have to!


The game masters are there to help you solve the tasks and feel as good as possible during the game. They monitor the progress of the game from the control room and already have enough experience to help when needed. Nevertheless, it is not worth relying on them completely. The experience will be much better if you have struggled a bit with your team for the solutions.


+1.) Do not panic!


No escape room is scarier than the tales of the Grimm brothers or a cartoon. So you have no reason to fear that something will go wrong. We always try to make the story as believable as possible, but you know very well: it’s just a game that’s there to make you feel good. And something else. But don't tell anyone that! You can go out the door at any time.

Legendary puzzles
Legendary puzzles
More brain than brawn, says the proverb. Indeed, many times we need to exercise our brains, especially in escape rooms. The following legendary puzzles and their solutions have been circulating in the public mind for centuries.
Heading to an Escape room? Don’t forget to take Orckham’s razor at home
Heading to an Escape room? Don’t forget to take Orckham’s razor at home
Orckham’s razor is a problem-solving principle that states form two equally good solution it is better to choose the easier one.
Escape room crash course
Escape room crash course
Would you try one of the escape rooms but still have questions? We will give you a crash course with the most important information you will need before the game.
Super team in the escape room
Super team in the escape room
Escape rooms put people to the test in many ways. This is very good because it is a guarantee that we will have an exciting game. Diverse tasks, on the other hand, require skills that are only rarely present in one player only.