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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms have become really popular, but did you know these three things yet? Do you like surprises!

Everyone knows about escape rooms by now.  They’ve become so popular all over the world and many people have either been to one or at least know about them. You can go with friends, bring a date or sign the company up for the next team building seminar. It is well known that escape rooms help people to learn more about each other and that they make groups collaborate more than most other activities do.

You get locked in a room and have to solve puzzles and crack codes about a certain topic in order to escape before the time is up. But did you know how the first exit rooms were created? Our team from Every Escape Room has three new facts for you:

It all started with computer games

The first ideas for creating and building escape rooms arose when a few people played computer games. The first one was invented by Takao Kato in Kyoto, Japan and people liked the idea a lot and spread it rapidly across Japan and Singapore.

Computer games are well known to be filled with puzzles and little tasks that you have to solve in order to master the big challenge. And, of course, against a timer. Takao Kato simply had the idea to transfer a computer game into real life and provide people with an immersion that no screen will ever be able to offer.

Escape Games: when the computer game becomes reality.

Euphoria from flow-experience

At the same time and completely independent, Mihály Csíkszentmihályi developed an exit room in Hungary, not knowing that they were gaining popularity across East Asia.

Mihály was driven by the idea that people who enjoy a flow-experience are more happy. Flow-experiences are a state of the brain where you are completely absorbed by what you’re doing, you focus and are fully immersed in the process. When a part of the puzzle gets solved, you feel euphoria, because the success releases happiness hormones. Since an escape game uses all your senses and also makes you move instead of just sitting there, you get more immersed in the game and experience a greater euphoria when you solve something. Each step creates a happy feeling that motivates you to keep going and to solve the big puzzle. This is the flow.

 Enjoy a day with friends – celebrate the challenge of an escape game together!

It doesn’t work alone

What’s better than getting absorbed by something and letting it make you happy? Of course: sharing the experience with your loved ones – after all, shared happiness is twice the happiness.

Escape games are always played by groups since it is ‘all vs one’. The entire team has to face the exit room and try to win against it. Everyone has to make an equal contribution and dig up and use their talents. With that, you learn more about each other and yourself. Even groups of people who have been friends or have worked with each other for decades suddenly see people in a whole different light. Or even themselves. A lot of people are surprised at their own talents that they’ve never used before when the escape games is over.

Book your escape room adventure today and bring your loved ones! See for yourself what a difference it is to be in the midst of it instead of sitting in front of a computer. And yes, even VR can’t achieve what a live escape game does. Try it yourself and find out that you’ll want to return again soon.

Legendary puzzles
Legendary puzzles
More brain than brawn, says the proverb. Indeed, many times we need to exercise our brains, especially in escape rooms. The following legendary puzzles and their solutions have been circulating in the public mind for centuries.
Heading to an Escape room? Don’t forget to take Orckham’s razor at home
Heading to an Escape room? Don’t forget to take Orckham’s razor at home
Orckham’s razor is a problem-solving principle that states form two equally good solution it is better to choose the easier one.
Escape room crash course
Escape room crash course
Would you try one of the escape rooms but still have questions? We will give you a crash course with the most important information you will need before the game.
Super team in the escape room
Super team in the escape room
Escape rooms put people to the test in many ways. This is very good because it is a guarantee that we will have an exciting game. Diverse tasks, on the other hand, require skills that are only rarely present in one player only.